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Insight About Ohaus Scales and Balances by Ramo Trading

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Ohaus Analytical Balance

The Ohaus scaling and balancing equipment are designed using the latest technology to meet your changing requirements. The brand has gained trust among a huge customer base spread all around the world. Ramo Trading produces safe, reliable, and highly accurate analytical instruments, scales, and laboratory equipment for a wide range of practical application.

Ohaus Scales and Balances

Ohaus offers a wide range of scaling and balancing products that are distinguished by their accuracy, precision, and world-class safety. The scaling and balancing product range is highly reliable for its performance. These products are suitable to be used in almost every industry including food, industrial, laboratory, and educational institutions. These outstanding lab equipment and tools are useful for performing various operations. The product range includes compact bench scales, computing scales, portable balance scales, steel scale indicator with LCD, dual-range portable balance, mechanical balance, analytical balance, multipurpose compact food scale and more.

How Scales and Balances Work

Often used for weighing objects, animals, people and various ingredients, the scales and balances work in multiple ways. In simple words, a scale is used for measuring weight while a balance is used for measuring mass. There is a major difference in the working of the scale and balance. A scale showcases weight by calculating the deflection. The springs of the scale are deformed by the load and a force is required to deform the springs to convert the measure into weight.

A balance measures the mass by balancing unknown mass against the known mass. In the balancing instruments, a force restoration mechanism is used to create a force that is exerted by the unknown mass.

You Can Rely on Our Quality

The high-quality, scales and balancing devices are created under expert supervision who have skilled knowledge about picking the best Ohaus accessories parts, analytical balances and compact bench scale. The collection of scales and balances includes Ohaus scale parts that are distributed and used around the globe. Whether looking for scaling and balancing equipment, portable dental equipment, laboratory equipment, gas detection equipment or more, you will find everything.


Ramo Trading & Consulting, Inc. is a premium-grade reliable and functional scales and balance manufacturer. They have an extensive range of Ohaus scaling and balancing equipment that is used for measuring different items. Their inventory includes products from renowned brands who excel in their performance and quality. You can select pallet bean scales, food scales, jewellery scales, market scales, education scales, floor scales, fishing scales, counting scales, and more from our massive collection of scales and balancing equipment.

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