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Exploring Some Common Hand Tools Jewelers Use Every Day

Posted by Abdullah Ramo on

hand toolsAccording to the U.S. Department of Commerce, U.S. jewelry stores sold an estimated $2.6 billion in merchandise in February 2016. Jewelry has been in consistent demand for years due to its unique, versatile, and aesthetically pleasing qualities. But jewelry certainly isn't easy to make -- at least, not without the proper tools. Here are just a few common jewelry hand tools that many professionals use every day.

Clamps and Technical Hand Tools

Clamps are used in countless industries, but they're particularly important for jewelry makers that require a steady hand. Since such small parts are used regularly, a clamp can help to keep jewelry or jewelry making materials in place during the adhesive process. Without a series of sturdy, durable and reliable clamps, jewelry making would take exponentially longer, and it could even become unsafe.

Ohaus Laboratory Balances

Once again, Ohaus laboratory balances have countless uses within the scientific and manufacturing industries. However, a reliable scale is particularly essential for high-end jewelry makers who require exact weights and measurements. Even one one-hundredth of a gram can make a major difference in the end look and overall value of any given piece of jewelry. Similarly, scales are necessary for appraisal purposes: once it's established that a piece of jewelry is made of a certain material, it's then priced based on weight. The bottom line is that scales eliminate much of the guesswork involved in jewelry making.

Automatic Handpiece Maintenance Systems

Finally, automatic handpiece maintenance systems are often used in jewelry making environments where speed is essential. These maintenance systems are designed to provide support to jewelry making materials while allowing for precision and craftsmanship within each and every piece. Specialty jewelers generate more than 43% of the jewelry industry’s sales in the United States, and specialty hand tools give jewelry makers the ability to craft unique pieces that ultimately have more value.

As of spring 2017, an estimated 30 million people had invested in fine jewelry for that year. As the demand for jewelry continues to rise, so will the need for these specialized tools. For more information about analytical balances and other hand tools, contact Ramo Trading.

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