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Exploring the Top Features of Ohaus Food Scale Technology

Posted by Abdullah Ramo on

Manufacturers contribute $2.17 trillion to the U.S. economy, and while many people think of manufacturing industries as makers of household products and supplies, food manufacturing is also a major industry as well. The food manufacturing industry uses all types of technology for precision and accuracy, and having the right lab equipment supplier can help you choose the best technology to meet your facility's needs. Here are just a few important features and benefits that an Ohaus food scale can provide.

Audible Features

You may not think that a food scale needs an alarm, but it actually serves a very specific purpose when measuring certain quantities of different types of food. For example, in a loud or noisy environment, having an Ohaus food scale with an alarm makes it easier to know when you have reached a certain quantity during measuring. This helps to improve accuracy, which ultimately minimizes waste in any food manufacturing environment, where precision is key.

High-Tech Sensors

A typical food scale has buttons that wear out or get covered with dirt and grime during everyday operations. That being said, an Ohaus food scale is equipped with touchless sensors, which help to keep the scale clean and improve overall performance. Similarly, many Ohaus food scales come with checkweighing LEDs to give a clearer visual sign when a certain weight or quantity has been reached.

Clear and Concise Displays

Without a crystal clear display, the main function of the scale can become questionable in accuracy and increase the risk of human error. But Ohaus food scales have clear displays to ensure proper use with each and every measurement. This is another feature that helps to minimize waste by maximizing accuracy.

Dual Operation (Front and Rear Displays)

Finally, Ohaus food scales typically come fully equipped with both front and rear displays for added convenience in the busy environment of a food manufacturing facility. The dual display allows for multiple uses and ergonomic flexibility that can improve efficiency across everyday operations.

Ultimately, choosing the right food scale is essential to accuracy and precision in any food manufacturing environment. For more information about analytical lab equipment like Ohaus laboratory balances, contact Ramo Trading.

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