Ohaus Lab Equipment Top 5 Questions to Ask


1- What is the highest RCF that you need to prepare your samples for your workflow?

  • OHAUS centrifuges have models can reach up to 18,000 rpm generating over 24,000 xg.

2- Which sample tube sizes do you use in your lab?

  • An extensive rotor and adapter selection can accommodate just about any lab setup with volume ranging from 0.2 – 250 mL.

3- Do your samples need to be kept cool during centrifugation?

  • The refrigerated centrifuge models can keep your samples cool even when running at the maximum speed.

4- Do you have to protect against aerosol discharge?

  •  Aerosol tight sealable rotors are available in some of the most common sizes.

5- How many tubes do you want to run at once?

  • OHAUS offers a few different rotors that can handle high throughput applications at various RCF.


Dry Block Heaters:

1- Do you need to incubate small samples like microtubes, microplates, test tubes, or vials?

  • OHAUS Dry Block Heaters are an economical option to an incubator with little chance for sample contamination brought on by water baths

2- Are you looking for a specific temperature range?

  • OHAUS has models that can heat up to 150°C.

3- How important is reproducibility of your settings?

  • If it is important, you should recommend a digital block heater as opposed to an analog. Analog settings are not exact, digital settings are.

4- Do you need to calibrate your heater to a traceable temperature device?

  • OHAUS models can be calibrated to an external temperature device such as a thermometer, probe, or thermocouple.

5- Is the formation of condensation on your sample lids, caps, and covers causing a problem with your assays?

  • If it is, recommend the Block Heater with the Heated Lid.



1- What type of motion are you looking for?

  • Orbital, reciprocating, rocking, and waving motions are available.

2- Do you need a need a specific speed and orbit?

  • The larger the sample the larger the orbit and a slower speed is needed for a good mix. For smaller samples, it is the opposite; smaller orbit and faster speed for a good mix.

3- What size shaker do you need?

  • Rather than ask what size, if you ask what kind of samples, finding a shaker that can accommodate that quantity will be easy. The most common samples are either Erlenmeyer flasks or tubes. The OHAUS Equipment Catalog has a guide in the accessory section listing the number of tube racks or flask clamps each shaker can hold.

4- Do you need temperature control?

  • •Incubating options are available as well as Incubating/Cooling. Remember, incubating models can only begin to control temperature at ~5°C above whatever the ambient (room) temperature is, so if the customer needs a temperature close to ambient, select a model that can cool. Alternately, an open air shaker can be placed in a cold room or incubator.
5- How important is reproducibility of your settings?
  • If it is important, you should recommend a digital shaker as opposed to an analog. Analog settings are not exact, digital settings are.


Thermal Shakers:

1- Do you need to incubate and shake your samples at multiple temperatures and or speeds?

  • The OHAUS Thermal Shaker units are easily programmable for 5 separate 5-step programs and an unlimited number of programs if using the USB.

2- Do you need a simple means for capturing your data?

  • The OHAUS Thermal Shaker units have a USB. Downloading the data is as simple as inserting a flash drive into the port and selecting USB mode on the utilities menu. Your customer does not need special software. The data is uploaded to a .csv file, similar to an Excel spreadsheet.

3- Will multiple users be using the unit?

  • The USB also allows for saving programs to a USB. Each user can

    have their programs on his or her flash drive.

4-  Are you looking for an incubating shaker similar to the Eppendorf® Thermomixer® but at a lower cost?

  • The OHAUS Thermal Mixer and Cooling Thermal Mixer are more versatile and offer the same features and more at a lower cost. Both OHAUS models include a block for 1.5mL tubes and the Eppendorf® Thermomixer® R blocks are compatible on the OHAUS units.

5- Are you looking for a sophisticated but easy to use shaker with temperature control?

  • Programming and operating does not get any easier with touch screen control. On-board help topics, available on every screen, guide you through all of the functions without the need to consult a manual.


Vortex Mixers:

1- Do you need to vary the speed of your mix?

  • OHAUS has analog and digital models with variable speed control.

2- Do you need to run the vortexer in the ON mode for an extended period of time?

  • Most vortex mixers are designed for intermittent use. The OHAUS Microplate, Heavy-Duty and Multi-Tube Vortexers are designed to run at high speeds with their accessories.

3- Do you need to use an accessory or run multiple tubes at high speeds?

  • Most vortex mixers have speed limitations when using an accessory attachment. The OHAUS Microplate, Heavy-Duty and Multi-Tube Vortexers are designed to run at high speeds with their accessories.

4- Would you like to vortex 50 samples at a time?

  • OHAUS has analog and digital models that can handle that capacity.

5- Do you need to know the exact speed when vortexing?

  • Select a digital model. Analog models can only offer good estimation.


Hotplates, Stirrers & Hotplate-Stirrer:


1- What is the volume of your sample?

  • It is important to select a model that can handle the volume as it may not heat or stir properly if it is undersized.

2- Are you looking for a specific top plate material?

  • The OHAUS Mini Hotplate Stirrers are available with ceramic tops. Ceramic tops are ideal if working with chemicals as they are easy to clean and offer a reflective white surface.

3- Are safety features an important part of your decision process?

  • Cool touch, chemical resistant housing, ramping feature, and an off centered support rod holder are some of the safety features offered with the OHAUS models.

4- Do you need to boil water quickly and efficiently?

  • The OHAUS Hotplates and Hotplate Stirrers boil 300mL of water in 18 minutes which is ideal when time is critical.

5- Do I need to purchase a stir bar in addition to my Stirrer or Hotplate Stirrer?

  • The OHAUS stirring models include a 1.5” (3.8cm) PTFE coated stir bar.

LabJaws Clamps:

1- Are you looking for clamps that can be used in a clean room?

  • The OHAUS LabJaws stainless steel clamp line can be autoclaved.

2- Do you need to use clamps at high temperatures?

  • Utility clamps are supplied with vinyl and fiberglass sleeves / finger covers. The fiberglass covers are designed for applications above 100°C.

3- Are you performing titrations with Burets?

  • The OHAUS LabJaws clamp line has multiple options for holding Burets. Buret stands that include a double Buret clamp, support rod and base are available or can be ordered individually. Alternately, fixed position clamps with built-in holders can be used on a support stand.

4- Are your clamps corroding from exposure to caustic chemicals?

  • The OHAUS LabJaws line offers 20 of the most popular clamps in premium stainless steel which provide exceptional chemical resistance.

5- Are you struggling to hold a sample or device?

  • Ultra Flex System, with its unique flexible 12” (30.5mm) or 18” (45.7mm) arm, is extremely versatile and can be placed in virtually any position or angle. 3 different clamp heads offer a wide range of gripping capabilities.

LabJaws Frames:

1- Are you looking for a Lab-Frame to fit in a specific area?

  • OHAUS offers pre-configured kits in 5 sizes. Also, kits for the 4 most common size fume hoods are available.

2- Are you looking for a Lab-Frame set up but not finding one to fit your needs?

  • If the kits are not what you are looking for, we can aid you in selecting the right rod lengths, connectors and other components based on your specifications.

3- Do you need a specific length rod for your support stand?

  • OHAUS LabJaws support stands are offered in a variety of lengths so you can order the appropriate combination from the start. Additional rods in different lengths can also be purchased if needed.

4- What is the weight of your sample that you will be supporting or holding?

  • While we do not rate our clamps and supports by weight capacity, the OHAUS LabJaws line offers heavy-duty versions of support stands. Cast iron bases offer additional stability compared to the regular stainless steel support stands.

5- Do you need to hold small appliances at varying heights?

  • OHAUS offers several options. Lab-Lifts are designed to support (not raise) various loads based on size. Support Plates, available in various sizes, can be secured to a Lab-Frame or stand.