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Headquartered in Southern California, USA, we are committed to deliver premium quality and excellent value products from industry-leading brands to our customers in North America, South America, and other parts of the world. Since our beginning, we have transformed into a reliable source for renowned brands and products that ensure client needs and satisfaction. Our ability to provide on-time shipment and delivery of products worldwide has made us one of the top choices for many businesses across industry segments.  

Brands and Products

Ramo Trading have a wide-ranging, ingenious portfolio of technologically advanced scientific and industrial products that are well-equipped to meet the highest standards of performance, reliability, and safety across a wide range of industries.

High-Precision and Advanced Balances, Scales& Lab Equipment

Ramo Trading & Consulting, Inc. brings forth a comprehensive line of industry-leading precision tools and equipment from OHAUS, which includes analytical balances, pipettes, moisture analyzers, bench scales, floor scales, and other lab equipment. These full-featured, reliable products are distinguished by the world-class accuracy, precision, and safety and typically used in every industry, including laboratory, industrial, retail, food, and education, which require high-precision lab equipment and tools in their operations. Sartorius product range offers a wide range of analytical balances, mass comparators, ergonomic pipettes and pipette tips, and filters for use in biopharmaceutical, chemical, food, and academic labs. Our product selection also includes some of the most technologically advanced, professional weighing solutions, including laboratory balances, high-resolution scales, checkweighers, pipettes, and weighing tables from RADWAG USA, extensively used in research and development, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and petrochemical industries to meet diverse business needs. Ramo Trading’s inventory also includes other popular brands like A&D Weighing and Torrey Electronics for industrial and laboratory-grade scales and balances.

Innovative Solutions for Chemical and Life Science Laboratories

Ramo Trading & Consulting, Inc. provides high-performance laboratory tools and equipment produced by BrandTech®Scientific, which includes an innovative selection of BRAND’s liquid handling products, featuring Titrette® bottletop burettes, Dispensette® bottletop dispensers, HandyStep® repeating pipettes, and Transferpette® pipettes, known for their superior accuracy, safety, and ergonomic design. Furthermore, BrandTech® product line includes VACUUBRAND’s whisper-quiet, oil-free vacuum pumps; VITLAB’s volumetric and general high-quality plastic labware; and BOCHEM’s rugged lift mechanism stainless steel laboratory support jacks. Also, find Buck Scientific's highly popular atomic absorption spectrophotometers and infrared spectrophotometers for excellent analytical performance and quality extensively used in the aerospace & defense, industrial, and life science and research applications, while also meeting the needs of the cost-conscious segment of the analytical instrument market. Advanced technology centrifuges, homogenizers, shakers, mixers, rockers, and temperature control equipment from Benchmark Scientific used in research labs worldwide are also part of our product range.

Specialized Industrial Power Tools and Special Components

Ramo Trading & Consulting, Inc. also includes powerful and versatile rotary tools by Foredom® which facilitate maximum performance in a wide range of rugged jobs. From flexible shafts, spindles, drill presses, and hand grinders to bench lathes and micromotors, Foredom tools cater to your business’ every small and large tooling needs. Also, find a comprehensive selection of versatile and convenient rotary accessories for added functionality. A wide range of abrasives and flexible shaft machines from SUHNER in addition to their high-output electric and pneumatic power tools help to meet today’s cutting-edge grinding, cutting, and polishing needs.

Gas Monitors and Gas Detection Equipment

Ramo Trading & Consulting, Inc. is an authorized distributor of gas detectors, including zero maintenance monitors, multi-gas detectors, and single-gas detectors, and other accessories supplied by BW Technologies by Honeywell. These rugged and handheld personal protection instruments with state-of-the-art sensor technology and simple calibration protect both personnel and visitors from gas hazards in many industries, including mining, oil and gas, and fire rescue. If you have any questions or technical needs, our team will be glad to assist you.

High-Performance Dental Products for High Performing Dentists

Ramo Trading & Consulting, Inc. inventory also incorporates innovative and reliable dental products from renowned brands known for their exceptional precision and performance. Equipped with high-quality and user-friendly small and large equipment from TPC Advanced Technology, you can find versatile handpieces, scalers, imaging monitors, orthodontic chairs, portable dental systems, and others. The superior-grade, specialist instrumentation devices from Bien-Air Dental, including electric handpieces, motor controllers, turbines, and other laboratory controls and maintenance tools provide design, function, and durability demanded by modern-day dental professionals at a cost-effective price. The line of dental products also includes Flight Dental Systems products that are distributed in more than 25 countries around the world. From professional-grade dental lights to cameras and mobile carts to patient chairs, you’ll find all kinds of dental instruments you will ever need in a dental clinic in the Flight Dental Systems product range.

We keep adding new brands and more products to our inventory to serve specific business needs. You can also buy these products from Ramo Trading eBay and Amazon online stores.

Business Applications and Target Audience

Aerospace & Defense


life science

industrial & applied Science

Laboratory Applications

chemistry applications


Ramo Trading & Consulting, Inc. provides a wide range of technical and specialized tools required by all industry sectors to carry out their unique processes. Driven by a strong motivation to excel and extensive industry knowledge, we are able to meet diverse customer needs, reliably and efficiently, across a wide range of industries. From scientific and industrial laboratories to machine shop operations, our versatile high-precision tools and equipment are extensively used to fulfill the needs of practically every industry. The products are also recognized in the engineering, aerospace, and defense industry, high-tech businesses, and almost any kind of custom fabrication for their superior performance and reliability. Based on long-standing knowledge and innovation from renowned brands, Ramo Trading offers customized solutions for biopharmaceutical manufacturing, life science research, quality control & testing, chemistry applications, and applied industries such as food & beverage and medical devices. We also support a wide variety of customers in the quality control, mining, plating, industrial, environmental, and educational markets around the world. The range of supplies and products from well-known dental brands provides all types of innovative and unique instrumentations that allow dentists, hygienists, and teaching institutions to offer excellent dental care. The realistic prices of quality instruments havealso endeared us to schools and small laboratories with budgetary constraints.

If you have a specific requirement and need help finding the right tool or equipment for your business application, please contact us at +1 (833) 669-0944 or email us at info@ramotrading.com.


Ramo Trading & Consulting Inc. strive to become the leading global source of industry-leading brands offering exceptional scientific and industrial tools, equipment, and supplies to meets the needs and demands of research and development communities throughout the world.

Customer Service

Keeping integrity, commitment and excellence at the core of our business values, Ramo Trading supports its customers with factory-trained customer service and technical support staff. The highly responsive and experiencedteam of application specialistshelps customers findsolutions to their questions. The success stems from well-established relationships which we have earned by consistently providing technical expertise and in-depth consultation to assist customers in selecting the right product for their application.

Working with Ramo Trading & Consulting, Inc., you can rest assured of the best quality, prompt deliveries, and professional, quick response after-sales service at all times. Feel free to get in touch with us for any sales inquiries or customer service at

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