TPC Dental 2000B Mirage/Bel Chair Mounted Delivery System with Cuspidor and Belmont Chair Bracket

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    TPC Dental

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Package includes the following:

Asepsis 3 handpiece automatic control with coolant controls, flex arm with air brake, diaphragm block design, wet/dry variable speed foot control, deluxe utility center with air /water filters and regulators, master shut off valves. Includes 3 way syringe and light post with cutout for internal wires and monitor bracket, 5' umbilical.

Porcelain cuspidor with timed bowl rinse and cup filler, telescoping 4 position assistan'ss package, Hve and saliva ejector, water / air quick disconnects, solids collector and clean water system.

Light Post


  • Built In Electric Handpiece
  • Super thin X-ray viewer to mount on unit control head
  • Built-in Led curing light
  • Built-in scaler
  • Illumination light source
  • Post-mounted utility tray
  • 17" LCD Monitor
  • LCD monitor bracket

Standard Features: 

  • Asepsis automatic control for three handpieces
  • Individual handpiece pressure adjustments
  • Non-retracting water coolant with on/off
  • Individual water coolant flow controls
  • Air coolant flow control
  • Handpiece tubing flush system
  • Ultra soft handpiece tubing
  • 4-hole straight gray asepsis tubing with Midwest connector
  • Stainless steel tray with non-skid pad
  • Disc foot control wet/dry toggle with 7' of smooth tubing
  • Equipment utility center with asepsis housing
  • Vacuum canister with solids collector screen
  • Water outlet quick disconnect
  • Air outlet quick disconnect for prophy jet
  • Self contained water system with city/bottle selector switch
  • Straight light post for unit mount dental light
  • Pre-wiring for fiber optic light source
  • Air-actuated counterbalanced arm lock
  • 3 way syringe on unit head
  • Five Year Warranty

Gravity Drain Cuspidor: 

  • Contoured bowl is made of fine porcelain for easy cleaning and infection control
  • The cuspidor operates with adjustable timed bowl rinse and cup filler
  • Swing away cuspidor bowl with safety breakaway feature
  • Electric solinoid controlled

Assistant's Instrumentation on Telescoping Arm: 

  • 1 autoclavable HVE with asepsis tubing
  • 1 autoclavable saliva ejector with asepsis tubing

Packing Dimensions: 

  • Unit: 51 x 21 x 17 55 lbs
  • Unit: 19 x 21 x 23 36 lbs
  • Cuspidor: 13 x 14 x 21 18 lbs.


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