Torrey FS-500/1000 Digital Receiving Scale 500kg/1,000lb with Warranty

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    Brand new in its original packaging

  • SKU : FS-500/1000
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    Torrey Electronics

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  • Type : Digital Receiving Scale
  • Category : Advanced
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Product Features:

  • Steel Construction
  • Large LCD Display with Backlight
  • Toggles between kilograms and pounds
  • 100 hours Rechargeable Battery
  • LCD Display with Backlight
  • Tare function
  • NTEP Approved
  • Large Platform
  • Heavy duty leveling legs

High pace shipping docks require equipment that is mobile and adaptable, the FS model comes equipped with a 100 Hour Rechargeable Battery and back wheels to ensure that you can take it where needed without worrying for lack of power in the area. The FS receiving bench scale model also comes with a tare function that allows for product packaged for bulk transport to be weight individually.

The TORREY FS receiving bench scale was designed for busy environments where accuracy, reliability and strong built products are needed. The backlit, alphanumeric LCD screen is adjustable to clearly show the weight of portioned items, even in dark areas.

  • Steel Construction:

    The TORREY receiving bench scale steel construction ensures the best performance on high pace environments. This bench scale was design to withhold the high demands of busy shipping docks, outdoor markets and other bulk sales areas.

  • Heavy Duty Back Wheels:

    We understand that high pace environments require equipment that can be taken where needed. The FS model comes equipped with heavy duty back wheels to provide effortless mobility where required.

  • Pounds/Kilograms Conversion:

    Switching from pounds to kilograms is easy; with the simple push of a button you can get an accurate and immediate weight conversion.

  • Rechargeable Battery:

    The FS Model is equipped with a 100 Hour rechargeable battery that allows you to transport the scales anywhere without running out of power. Afterwards, simply plug in the included AC Adaptor and the battery will be recharge itself.

  • LCD Display And Backlight:

    The backlit, alphanumeric LCD screen is adjustable to clearly show the weight of portioned items, even in dark areas.

  • Large Solid Platform:

    The 19"x 21" platform provides a robust base to easily place any kind of materials, containers or trays. It also allows you to individually weigh products as they are packaged for bulk transportation.


  • Capacity: 250KG /500LB
  • Minimum Division: 0.1KG / 0.2LB
  • Back Light: Included
  • Power Supply: Included
  • Battery: Included (100 Hours)
  • Maximum Tare: 500KG / 1000LB


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