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Ohaus D10WR Defender Square Washdown Base 25 LB/10 KG Capacity With Warranty - Ramo Trading

Ohaus D10WR Defender Square Washdown Base 25 LB/10 KG Capacity With Warranty


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Durable Industrial and Basic Bench Scale Bases

Building on the success of the ChampTM series of bench scales, the new OHAUS DefenderTM Bases offer two levels of durability for the most demanding industrial applications. All Defender Bases offer removable stainless steel weighing pans, IP67 protected single-point loadcells, steel construction, non-slip adjustable feet and integral leveling bubbles.

For standard industrial applications, the Defender Square, Rectangular and Square Washdown Scale Bases (Q, H and W models) offer the same folded and welded steel plate construction found in the popular Champ and Champ II series. For basic use where budget is more of an issue, the Defender Basic Rectangular Bases (B and V models) – available in dry-use and washdown models – offer welded tubular steel construction for economical yet durable performance.

With NTEP certification and Measurement Canada approval, all of these bases can be used for both general applications as well as where legal for trade performance is required.

Standard Features Include:

• Removable stainless steel weighing pans

• Steel frame construction with stainless steel for Washdown models, painted carbon steel for other models

• IP67 protected single point loadcells, with stainless steel loadcells for Washdown models, aluminum loadcells for other models

• Adjustable, non-slip rubber leveling feet and leveling bubble

• 1:5,000 certified performance for Defender Washdown Square and Square Bases (W and Q models), up to 1:3,000 performance for Defender Rectangular Bases (H, V and B models)




Capacity x Readability: 25 lb x 0.002 lb 10 kg x 1 g

 Capacity x Certified/Approved Readability: 25 lb x 0.005 lb 10 kg 0.002 kg

 Maximum Certified Resolution:1:5,000

 Load Cell Cable: 8.25 ft. / 2.5 m L x 6-wire

 Load Cell Rated Output: 2 mV/V ± 10%


Load Cell Excitation Voltage: Maximum 20V (AC/DC) / Recommended 5~15V (AC/DC)

 Load Cell Input / Output Resistance: 387 ± 10 ohms / 350 ± 4 ohms

 Leveling Components: Externally visible level bubble and adjustable non-slip leveling feet

 Operating Temperature: 14°F to 104°F / -10°C to 40°C

 Base Dimensions (A x B x C x D x E) (refer to dimensional drawing): 12 x 12 x 3.7 x 2 x 13.2 in 305 x 305 x 95 x 52 x 335 mm

 Net Weight: 26.9 lb / 12.2 kg


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