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Foredom K.TX300 Jewelers Kit 2-Year Limited Warranty.


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Model: K.TX300

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Use Kit Options Menu to Select: K.TX300 (Kit with no Motor Hanger), K.TX301 (Kit with Bench Clamp MAMH-1 Motor Hanger), K.TX302 (Kit with Base Mount MAMH-2 Motor Hanger).

PrePackaged Tool Kits
take guesswork out of product selection, offer the best value, and feature smart tool combinations for specific applications. They contain just about everything you need to get to work- motor, speed control, handpiece and accessories. When purchased with an optional motor hanger, you are ready to go straight out of the box!

Kit K.TX300 has a Total Retail Value of $451.
Motor and Speed Control carry a 2-Year Limited Warranty.

Note: For all International Orders, the buyer will be solely responsible for the customs clearance, duty, and taxes imposed on the package.


1. Series TX Motor: Foredoms most powerful flex shaft machines with 1/3HP. They have permanent magnet DC motors that feature the latest in flex shaft technology. These ball bearing models utilize advanced rare earth magnets (in place of the wound fields in our universal type Series SR motors) that deliver more torque at the low end and throughout the entire speed range of 500 to 15,000 RPM. No other flex shaft gives you greater control of the cutting tool, drill, or bur under any load. It comes equipped with a motor bale for hanging, and our standard 39" long key tip inner shafting for connecting to any of Foredoms interchangeable handpieces.

Foredoms permanent magnet motors require the use of a C.TXR, C.SXR, or C.EMX speed control. Damage will result if the motor is connected to any other speed control.

2. C.TXR Speed Control: The C.TXR looks the same as our standard foot operated control but it has special electronics that converts AC current from an electrical outlet to DC current, the type required by Series TX motors. This control also has a different style plug that is made to fit the motor's shielded-type plug. The C.TXR features solid state circuitry in a heavy duty plastic housing with an extra wide footprint, low profile, and non-skid pads on the bottom. 7" long, 4-1/2" wide, 2-38" high, ship wt 2 lbs./1 kg.
3. H.30 Handpiece: Foredom's most popular general purpose handpiece. It features a 3-jaw, geared chuck with a 0-5/32" capacity. Accessory changes are easy using the supplied chuck key. The H.30 is a member of the Foredom system of interchangeable handpieces. 4. HPCK-0 Chuck Key in molded plastic handle for changing accessories.

Accessory Kit AK11 consists of the following (we reserve the right to substitute comparable accessories when needed):

  • A-10081 1 Rotating Bur Holder 3/32" w/cup
  • A-40061 1 Platinum White, 1" Tube
  • A-4516 6 Radial Bristle Disc, 3/4" dia., Pink, Pumice (1,200 Grit), Pack of 6
  • A-4912 3 Purple Ceramic Sanding Bands, 1/4" x 1/2", 60 grit
  • A-4913 3 Purple Ceramic Sanding Bands, 1/4" x 1/2", 80 grit
  • A-4914 3 Purple Ceramic Sanding Bands, 1/4" x 1/2", 120 grit
  • A-4916 3 Purple Ceramic Sanding Bands, 1/4" x 1/2", 220 grit
  • A-5517 1 Satin Finish Scotch-Brite, Red, Fine, 7/8" dia. x 1/4" thick, Mounted with 3/32" Shank
  • A-5524 1 Satin Finish Scotch-Brite, Tan, Coarse, 7/8" dia. x 1/4" thick, Mounted with 3/32" Shank
  • A-A1C 1 Rubber Bonded Abrasive, Brown, Wheel, 7/8" dia. x 1/8" thick with 1/16" Arbor Hole, Coarse, 40-60 Grit
  • A-A1M 1 Rubber Bonded Abrasive Wheel, 7/8" x 1/8", 120 grit (black)
  • A-A1F 1 Rubber Bonded Abrasive Wheel, 7/8" x 1/8", 180 grit (green)
  • A-CW556 1 CW Polishing Wheel, Orange, 7/8" x 1/8", 500 grit,
  • A-CW557 1 CW Polishing Wheel, Gray, 7/8" x 1/8", 1000 grit,
  • A-CW558 1 CW Polishing Wheel, White, 7/8" x 1/8", 1500 grit,
  • A-D2 1 CUT-OFF DISC, 1-1/4" Fiberglass
  • A-FB4-I 1 FELT BUFF, Unmounted 5/8"
  • A-M1 1 Mandrel, 3/32" shank & 1/16" arbor hole
  • A-M13 1 Mandrel, LGE HD. 3/32 X 1/16
  • A-MB1 1 Mounted Brush, Cup, Bristle, 3/32" shank
  • A-MB2 1 Mounted Brush, Wheel, Bristle Stiff, 3/32" shank
  • A-MB3 1 Mounted Brush, End, Bristle, 3/32" shank
  • A-MB4 1 Mounted Brush, End, Brass, 3/32" shank
  • A-MB6 1 Mounted Brush, Wheel, Brass, 3/32" shank
  • A-P3 1 High Speed Vanadium Steel Fluted Engraving Bur, 3/32" shank
  • A-P7 1 High Speed Vanadium Steel Fluted Engraving Bur, 3/32" shank
  • A-R2 1 High Speed Vanadium Steel Fluted Engraving Bur, 3/32" shank
  • A-R7 1 High Speed Vanadium Steel Fluted Engraving Bur, 3/32" shank
  • A-SD324 1 Rubber Sanding Drum Mandrel, 1/4" x 1/2", 3/32" shank
  • A-V357 1 V Stone Point, Cylinder, 1/4" dia. x 1/2" long with 3/32" shank, 80 Grit

Two Year Limited Warranty

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