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Foredom 2″ Velcro Sanding Heads, Extra Firm to Soft

Foredom 2″ Velcro Sanding Heads, Extra Firm to Soft


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Use Product Options Menu to Select Hardness: A-10043 (Extra Firm, 3/16″ thick, 3/8″ arbor hole), A-10044 (Firm, 5/16″ thick, 3/8″ arbor hole), A-10045 (Medium, 3/8″ thick, 3/8″ arbor hole), A-10046 (Soft, 5/8″ thick, 3/8″ arbor hole), A-10047 (Soft, 1/4″ thick- no arbor hole), A-10048 (Soft, 1/2″ thick- no arbor hole)).

Foam Heads can vary the firmness or softness of the pressure applied from an abrasive disc.

Use A-10041 PSA Velcro Loop Discs to attach actual abrasive discs to Velcro Hook Sanding Heads A-10043, A-10044, A-10045, and A-10046. These heads have 3/8 arbor holes for mounting onto Angle Grinder with A-69212L Long Hub. Heads can also be used with A-69225 Screw-Lok Mandrel and A-3705 Velcro Hook Disc or A-69222 Mandrel.

Velcro Foam Heads A-10047 and A-10048 attach to A-3705 Discs with Velcro Hook fronts and Screw-Lok backs and then mount onto Angle Grinder with A-69225 Screw-Lok Mandrel. You can also attach Heads 5 and 6 directly onto A-69222 Velcro Hook Surface Mandrel.

20,000 RPM Max Speed


1. For Use in Handpieces: Use with A-M30 and A-M31 Mandrels when mounting discs directly into Flex Shaft Handpieces.

2. For Use on Angle Grinder Attachment: Use with A-69212L Long Hub to mount onto Angle Grinder. 10,000 RPM Max Speed.

Made in USA.


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