Flight Dental System N6LED-1902 Flight Piezo 24V Built-In Scaler with LED Light

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    Flight Dental System

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  • Working Frequency: 24-32kHz
  • Power supply: AC 24V, 50/60Hz
  • Water supply pressure: 1-5 bar
  • Dimensions: 196mm x 134mm x 80mm
  • Weight: -0.64kg
  • Output Power 38VA


  • Built-in Piezo Scaler with feedback system built in to module to maintain constant power
  • Adjustable power adjustment
  • EMS type scaler tips are all compatible
  • Small and light weight- No fatigue
  • Feedback system for built in circuit module keeps constant strong power
  • Regulator controls output power moderately in different quantity of tartar
  • Circuit module with digital system works more accurately
  • LED illumination on Handpiece
  • Light Weight and Powerful
  • EMS Compatible Tips can be Used
  • Autoclavable Handpiece
  • 10 of LED lamps show output power degree
  • One-touch mode of foot switch avoids fatigue on foot during treatment
  • Very small size, light weight


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