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Drill Presses

For Use with Foredom Flexible Shaft Handpieces and H.MH-170 Brush Type Micromotor Handpiece.

Foredom drill presses securely hold a handpiece in a vertical position for drill- ing straight, accurate holes to specified depths. They are ideal for modeling, spot-facing, countersinking and reaming in wood, wax, plastic, metal, glass and gemstone.

High-speed steel, cobalt and diamond drills are most commonly used for drill- ing. Whatever accessory you use, let the speed of the tool do the work. Too much feed pressure can damage or break your drill and may cause loss of control. Twist drills are often used for drilling holes in metals, woods, and plastics. On work items with rounded surfaces such as rods, it is a good idea to center punch a starting hole to keep the tip of the drill from “walking” or wandering from the desired starting point. When drilling, lift the drill up and down frequently to clear away dust and other debris.




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